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(Windows / Linux edition)

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Developer: AMCOG Games based in Milton Keynes, UK

Release Date : January 6th 2021

Platforms : Windows, Linux

Website: www.amcog-games.co.uk/starmine-winlinux.htm

Price: USD 9.99

Availability: Steam Digial Download

Steam Page: Star Mine On Steam

File Size : ~100MB

Press Contact : info@amcog-games.co.uk

Social: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube


Star Mine is a 3D first person perspective space shoot 'em up. Awesome old school action! The old federation is dying, poor and desperate. Deep outside the boundaries of known space, alien mines are protected. But not from you. Take cargo, blast star jewel's from asteroids, and steal energy.

It features elevation, descent and 360 degree motion. You enter each mine from hyperspace and then fly through it between the enclosing walls and the laser grid which protect the interior. Blast the star jewels from the asteroids and steal cargo from alien space ships. Avoid lightening conductors, worm holes and attractor fields. Collect shield, hyperspace and weapon energy before escaping to the next mine.

Star Mine's visually striking original style brings to life the cover-artwork of the retro games of yesteryear. Using traditional physical models it brings the classic style of 1980s science fiction TV and movies into the arcade video game genre.

Modern detailed imagery is presented with music created using classic 1980s analogue synthesisers mixed with contemporary technology. Samples taken from AMCOG's original virtual sound chip (RDSP) - which is built around an enhanced set of features inspired by legendary hardware chips that have acquired cult status (the SID, Amiga, M1 and more)


AMCOG Games is run by Anthony Vaughan Bartram who designs, codes, produces graphics and records music for its games. With additional contributions by Simon Very and Sapphire Bartram. Simon and Anthony have known each other since University and have recorded music together since the 1990s.

Anthony has been writing games since the 1980s including for 8 bit systems before moving onto the Amiga and RISC OS platforms).

Star Mine was produced using both purely digital and physical models. It is a novel 3D space maze game that evolved out of retro classic arcade and home computer game concepts. Development of Star Mine has taken around 18 months interleaved between other smaller game releases. The first version of this game was released into the alternative RISC OS platform at the RISC OS London Show 2019 and was featured on the Wifi Sheep YouTube channel.

Anthony also develops original synthesiser software and used that to create rich distinctive audio effects in Star Mine.


The trailer is available from here:

Some game play samples can be seen here:


The game features 9 in-game music tracks composed by Anthony Vaughan Bartram with additional music by Simon Very. Classic 80's and 90's analogue synthesisers were used as well as guitar and bass.

  • Korg Monopoly
  • Roland Juno 6
  • CASIO CZ 1000
  • Siel Cruise
  • Korg Poly 800
  • Control Synthesis DB9
  • Korg MS-20

Whilst some themes have been recorded digitally, a number were mixed down from analogue tape and created using purely analogue signal paths.


Monad Alien
Zircon Ship
Attractor Field