Wakefield Show 2017





Quotes & Recommendations

"thoroughly recommended"

"The game looks great"

"The music is excellent"

"Arguably the first new, substantial game for RISC OS for quite a few years"

"the music (nice tunes !)"

"The game runs nice & slick on my RPi 2."

"The game is solid and well-authored, it successfully delivers that retro space shoot'em up feel for the ever so reasonable price of a tenner - worth a pop if you're a serial procrastinator like myself" - RISC OS Blog.

Available to Buy for £ 4.99

We are pleased to announce that as of 7th May 2016 Overlord V1.41 is now available for download in the PlingStore and is priced at £ 4.99.

V1.41 included the addition of support for arrow keys to control the ship.

V1.40 included a mouse sensitivity control and a new power up.

Overlord was originally released at the Wakefield show 25th April 2015.

See the news section for more information.

A 2.5D/3D space shoot-em-up game in the style of Gyruss/Tempest featuring 47 minutes of original music including 7 in game themes, original sound effects and graphics. Beginner and Master modes are included. Multiple missions including 'power-ups (Warp drive, smart bombs etc), worm holes, time bombs, mini black holes.

The source code is also included (see !RunImage in the !Overlord directory).

Written on a Raspberry Pi 1 and tested on a Raspberry Pi 2, Beagleboard, Pandaboard, Iyonix, Virtual Acorn SA (running 4.02), RPCEmu and ARM X6.

The game can also be optionally played in French or German.


  • Hold mouse down for continuous fire
  • Use right mouse down to halt motion of the ship
  • Special mission objects (e.g. worm holes) move slower than aliens and
    may " shimmer " in order to attract your attention
  • Power-ups are labelled 'P'
  • Save or build-up shield energy for the final battles with the Overlords
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