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Individual songs for You Deleted Me are available to buy through Amazon, ITunes and other major platforms.

And now as of the 8th of November 2018 : Unspoken Promises is available to buy through CD Baby's store. Please click the images above for track listings, audio clips and purchase options.

Track Listing : UnSpoken Promises

All instruments music,lyrics and vocals by Tony Bartram
  • UnSpoken Promises - Featuring original 1980s analogue synthesisers/re-issues. A stripped down version was used in Xeroid.
  • Ghost
  • Where There's Love There's Hope
  • Your Story Told too Soon
  • Hesitation is a Dangerous Game - Used as backing music in Protector
  • Turn Down the Light
  • Dark Light Touches the Water - Used as theme music in Island of the Undead
  • Be
  • Live in this Moment
  • Sunset Rain - a different recording of this song was used in Mop Tops
  • Miracle

Track listing : You Deleted Me

  • You Deleted Me : Production - Simon Very     Vocals/Lyrics - Tony Bartram
  • Aftermath : All instruments - Tony Bartram
  • Sweet Rejection : Music/Lyrics - Simon very     Vocals - Tony Bartram
  • Moonlight : Production - Tony Bartram     Piano - Simon Very     Guitar - Tony Bartram     Voice : Anne Sushmita